2015, a Year in Perspective


Okay, so, it’s a new year. A new calendar year, to be precise, bye 2015, hello 2016. A year full of opportunities, challenge and every other things ready to be tackled. 2015 felt very quick to pass by, but there are a whole lot more memories happened and recorded than the usual year. It felt like a dream, a real dream. But it was an awesome year overall, I learned a lot of stuff, changing perspective, got a master degree to name a few.

I spent most of the year living in Bristol, UK, for my post graduate study. It’s started on late 2014, and going through to the late 2015. Actually I have draft saved for this story (Life in Bristol review) but I have not yet published it. Partially it’s not yet finished, partially I’m not yet fully comfortable writing (part of) my own personal life and share it in public domain. But maybe later.

The year is so awesome and the stories are so cool that actually I can delve into more details by actually write separate blog post for each stories I experienced (like my road trip stories here, ugh I remember I haven’t finished the last part of it!). So I won’t write all in details the year in review in this post. I want to write it separately (I hope!).

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