The Beauty of Nusa Penida (and Bali!)

First and foremost, to all people out there that possesses a quite bad geographical and general knowledge, Bali is part of Indonesia. And Nusa Penida is part of Bali province.

Literally, Nusa means island, small island to be more precise. Nusa Penida literally means Penida island. Is a paradise located south of Bali Island, a beautiful island with little exposure to tourist. The island can be reached by speedboat trip from Sanur Beach of Bali for a mere cost of IDR 75K one way and it’s a around 40-60 minutes long.

To be precise, before I took trip to Nusa Penida, I spend a day in Bali to explore around Ubud and Batur, which I (with my friends) rented a car and drives around the town in a cloudy and drizzly weather. Oh, and we visited a Desa Adat (Culture Village) of Penglipuran. Because of the Galungan holiday, which is a big cultural/religious holiday, there are a lot of beautiful decoration along the way and in the village, called “panjor”.


Penglipuran Village

Okay ehm, so, Nusa Penida.

As Nusa Penida is an island, we need to swim accross the strait to get to the island. Luckily, there’s a boat service daily from Bali to Nusa Penida. So, instead of getting wet, let’s just take a speedboat to get to the island.

We took the earliest speedboat from Sanur and go straight to the our Bungalows we already booked to put our stuffs and getting ready to explore this island. The place we stayed on is a very recommended one with friendly staffs and very good facilites, and cozy bed in a very affordable price, and you can rent a lot of stuffs here for your exploration of the island. The best way to explore and getting from one point to another in this island is by rent a scooter, or if you feel you are a skilled driver, you can rent a car and drive it by yourself, but you can hire a driver and car as well. The terrain is quite challenging, with a lot of steep elevation road and  This island is a tropical paradise!

We only stayed one night in this island, which is too short for a trip to explore the island, but we managed to visit a lot of place. On day one, we managed to visit Crystal Bay Beach (-8.715499, 115.459620), Pasih Uug or literally Broken Bay Beach (-8.7325393,115.451461), and Angel’s Billabong. Unfortunately, the weather is a bit too cloudy and damp with a wind blowing a bit harder than a gentle breeze, so I abandon the plan to snorkeling at Crystal Bay Beach and only enjoying the beach until the sky is clear and enjoy more before we moved to Pasih Uug.


Crystal Bay

The road to Pasih Uug is a bit challenging (if you can call it a “road”) especially if you are not too skilled in a scooter and the rain just poured down few moments before. So take a careful approach when getting here, but the view will be really worth the trip!


Broken Bay



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